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2.33sLook, l-l-l don't want to hear about Mrs. Spencer, Marty!
1.09sShe's an idiot!
0.9sAll right, all right, there.
1.16sW-what about that, Marty?
1.76sMORTY: Okay, okay, you got me on that one.
1.16sOh, really, Morty?
2.4sAre you sure you haven't seen that somewhere in real life before?
1.26sNo, no. I haven't seen that.
3.4sI mean, why would a pop tart want to live inside a toaster, Rick?
2.4sI mean, that would be, like, the scariest place for them to live.
1.02sYou know what I mean?
1.23sYou're missing the point, Marty,
1.9sWhy would he drive a smaller toaster with wheels?
2.49sI mean, does your car look like a smaller version of your house?
1.02sSo, why are they doing this?
1.09sW-what do they want?
1.09sWell, that would be obvious to you, Marty,
1.19sif you'd been paying attention.
1.83sWe got the President of the United States in here!
2.83sWe need 10cc of concentrated dark matter, stat, or he'll die!
1.97sConcentrated dark matter?
1.63sThey were asking about that in class.
3.43sYeah, it's a special fuel I invented to travel through space faster than anybody else.
2.13sThese Zigerions are always trying to scam me out of my secrets,
2.59sbut they made a big mistake this time, Marty,
1.8sThey dragged you into this.
1.09sNow they're gonna pay!
1.56sWhat do you -- w-w-what are we gonna do?
1.93sWe'll scam the scammers, Marty,
2.7sAnd we're gonna take them for everything they've got.