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1.66sOh, God, Sir! They're still naked!
2.26sWell, check every five Quintons and tell me when they're not.
2.23sI think we should make Kevin look, sir.
0.97sWhat?! No!
1.47sW-w-why would you even say that?
2.03sUh, sir, we have a situation over here.
1.52sIf there's a wiener on that monitor,
1.52sI swear to god, Stu...
1.9ssomething is drawing a lot of processing power.
1.23sOh, wait. No wonder.
2.4sThere's another real human in the simulator.
2.23sOkay, Jerry -- big pitch meeting,
0.93sYou can do this.
1.02sHow did this happen?!
1.43sWhere's the Abductions Department?
2.56sHey, man, Abductions just follows the acquisition order.
1.43sDon't put this on Acquisitions!
2.56sWe only acquire humans that haven't been simulated!