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1.76sI couldn't say so until we got in the shower.
1.23sThey won't monitor us in here.
1.49sMonitor us?! W-who?!
1.47sZigerion scammers, Marty --
3.06sthe Galaxy's most ambitious, least successful con artists.
3.24sYou know, it's lucky for us they're also really uncomfortable with nudity.
1.16sAw, come on, Rick.
1.3sIf everyone's just gonna be insane today,
2.03sat least let me be insane with Jessica.
0.97sI can't let you do that, Marty,
0.83sGive it to me!
0.83sYou give it to me!
1.83sG-g-give it! No, Rick!
1.66sOh, God, Sir! They're still naked!
2.26sWell, check every five Quintons and tell me when they're not.
2.23sI think we should make Kevin look, sir.
0.97sWhat?! No!
1.47sW-w-why would you even say that?
2.03sUh, sir, we have a situation over here.
1.52sIf there's a wiener on that monitor,
1.52sI swear to god, Stu...
1.9ssomething is drawing a lot of processing power.
1.23sOh, wait. No wonder.
2.4sThere's another real human in the simulator.
2.23sOkay, Jerry -- big pitch meeting,