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2.43sEverybody, this is the best student.
1.93sI want you to be the teacher today.
1.37sTeach us, Marty!
1.4sW-w-w-what do you want me to teach you?
1.02sOoh, ooh!
1.8sHow do you make concentrated dark matter?
1.16sOh, that's a good question.
1.37sConcentrated huh?
1.16sConcentrated dark matter --
2.49sthe fuel for accelerated space travel.
0.99sNow, do you know how to make it?
0.93sJESSICA: Come on, Marty,
2.2slsn't your grandpa, like, a scientist?
5.23sOh, yeah, but, you know, he told me that I shouldn't go around spouting off about, you know, his science and stuff.
2.99sI bet you've seen him make concentrated dark matter a lot.
3.2sYou know, if you tell us, I'll be your girlfriend.
1.13sUh, y-you will?
1.9sSeems like a rare opportunity, Morty.
1.76sMarty, u-uh, come on. There's a family emergency.