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1.16sWhat the --
2.16sOh, my God, Rick.
1.66sHow dumb are you?
1.66sYou're inside a simulation,.,
1.99sofa simulation,.,
2.73sinside another giant simulation!
2.73sW-We never had the recipe for concentrated dark matter.
3.33sBut we do howl We do now, sucka!
2.13sYou simulated my grandson's genitalia?!
2.43sY-Y-You bunch of diabolical sons of bitches!
2.33sKevin fought real hard to supervise that project.
1.99sYou said you weren't gonna tell anyone!
1.8sI'm never gonna live this down, am I?
1.3sAll right. Okay. All right, great. Wonderful.
1.49sYou win. Can we go home now?
1.63sI don't know. Can you?
0.86sHa! Nice.
1.59sOkay, okay.
1.97sShow this gullible turd to his shuttle.
1.33sI'm done with him.
0.93sOh, wait. Let me get a picture.
1.52sAww, Look at his face.
2.13sHe's trying to figure out if he's in a simulation still.
0.97sAre you, Rick?
1.37sAre you?
1.19sYou're not.
1.97sOr are you?