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0.7sNot anymore, Ron.
2.69sNow I'm looking for something to dedicate my life to.
1.94sSomething noble, but easy.
2.37sDaddy, stop talking to that bum.
3.7sLook, I'd love to help you out, Homer, but I'm taking my kids to the zoo.
4.19sThat's great. Even big stars take their kids to the zoo.
3.77sWell, it's a different zoo containing animals you've never heard of.
2.69sDaddy, we're missing the Fantastapotamus.
2.4sShe only sings twice a day.
2.92sThat's it! Kids are the answer.
3.02sI'll dedicate my life to my children.
2.2sReally? You have children?
1.98sOh, well, look. Here's some money.
4.02sNo. I don't want your pity or your money.
3.2sUsually when you say that, you give the money back.
2.04sI do what now? Yoink!
2.13sListen, boy.