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4.89sHello, everybody! Did somebody say "A perfect game"?
2.27sYou idiot! You'll ruin everything!
2.92sI'm doing a walk-on. It's a show business thing.
2.05sSo, how you all doing? Let's see.
2.19sWhat's in the news today?
0.48sWill you shut up?
2.17sHey, I thought you never talked.
3.37sUh, I didn't mean to. Huh. It just slipped out.
2.85sOh, God! Now Penn's gonna beat me.
2.14sFolks, it's all part of the act.
2.4sNo, it isn't. Don't leave me alone with him!
2.02sYou've ruined the act! I'm gonna kill you!
2.27sHe'll do it. I'm not the first Teller.
3.34sRemember, Springfield: Keep on swingin'! Hey, come here!
3.29sI-i just wanna talk to ya! Come here! Come here!
1.48sOoh. Ooh. Guys?
3.4sRemember, in the whole world, there's nobody like you.
2.17sYou're special.
2.35sSo special.
3.07sThat's right! You are.
2.75sHey, everybody! i'm gonna be on TV agaiN.