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5.62ssend proof of purchase and five dollars to: Antidote, P.O. Box 14--
2.5sThis is Kent Brockman live from Barney's Bowlarama,
3.8swhere local pinhead, Homer Simpson, is on the verge of a perfect game!
2.62sHey, there was no accident at the plant.
2.4sDad just wanted to go bowling.
1.85sHe shouldn't have deceived me,
3.42sbut I'm just so relieved Lenny's okay.
4.7sThis could be the greatest individual achievement in the history of Springfield.
2.55sWhich proves just how pitiful this town is.
2.12sHomer! Homer!
3.27sI'm 10 pins away from perfection!
3.02sNow, listen, your father really needs to concentrate,
3.27sso we'll just stay here and not disturb him.
2.27sWhy won't they come over?
2.09sI'm so lonely.
3.7sThis is it-- the ball that will determine whether Homer Simpson rolls a perfect game...