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2.25sOh, Marge, I'm sorry. I can't make it.
3.24sThe cooling tank just blew, and they're taking Lenny to the hospital.
2.24sOh, no! Not Lenny!
1.6sNot Lenny!
2.25sYes, I'm going to have to work late...
2.74sinstead of seeing you and the kids, which is what I really want.
2.4sOkay. Sure.
2.17sKids, turn off the TV.
3.57sI have some bad news about Lenny.
1.69sNot Lenny!
4.6sHey, Carl! Check out the overhead scoreboard.
3.24sPoo. Uh, Homer. What wacky name do you want?
1.92s- Are "poo" and "Ass" taken? - Yeah.
2.7sDamn! Could my life get any worse?
2.24sEven for a bowler, you're fat.
3.02sHey, guys. Is it normal to see Burns's face on a bowling ball?
3.04sAh, actually, I'd say you're having a severe psychotic episode.
2.92sOh, what a rotten day!