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3.1sListen, your son is the best ball shagger we ever had.
4.07sI sold twice as many buckets today because everybody wants to hit the fat kid.
1.52sLynn, cancel my afternoon meetings.
2.42sI--i--I gotta hit more balls at this fat kid.
1.65sPeter, do you mind if Kevin and I...
1.59sNail Chris? He'd be thrilled.
3.27sHey, this kid here just knocked a ball 300 yards!
2.27sI'm Tiger Woods! I'm Tiger Woods!
1.78sSheesh, Cleveland, your kid's a natural.
1.9sWith a little help, he could be a pro.
2.48sOh, Peter. I can't make Cleveland Jr.
2.17ssit still for anything.
3.37sSometimes, I wonder if he's got the epilepsy,
2.93sbut then I just go see what's on the T.V.
2.72sWell, maybe you're not as good a father as me, huh?
1.7sI mean, Look at what I did with Chris!
2.44sI'm even better than that dad on Lost in Space.