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2.84sThey'll make a pizza pie with a topping of your choice.
4.04sHey, Seymour! You want your usual table? No, no, Luigi.
3.89sI'd like one with two seats. I'll be dining with a friend tonight.
2.95sHey, good for you, huh?
2.6sHmm. They treat you real nice here.
2.04sHey, Salvatore, guess who's here!
3.15sMr. Kookalamanza and-a some real ugly kid.
2.97sThis is great! Not only am I not learnin',
2.42sI'm forgettin' stuff I used to know.
2.65sAnd it's all thanks to you, Bart.
2.94s- Yeah, great. - What's the matter?
3.3sDon't you see, Milhouse? We've gone too far.
1.88sWe need Skinner back.