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2.15sMy raisin roundies!
2.24sMy dog's name is Santa's Little Helper.
3.74sOne time he crawled under the house, and when he came out, he was covered with ants.
2.68sThen he ran into a church and drank all the holy water.
2.63sThank you, Bart. Great job.
2.65sI knew the dog before he came to class.
4.45sKaboom! That, the sound of the thunderous volcanic explosion...
4.49swhich gives birth to the magnificent geode, one of nature's most--
3.82sYou're doing it wrong! You gotta pet him hard so he can feel it.
1.89sLook, look, look! The doggy sneezed!
2.62sHa! It thinks it's people.
2.27sOh, smoochie. Here, poochie, poochie, poochie!
2.6sMy geode must be acknowledged.
3.55sOh, brother. All right. Back to show-and-tell.