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4.04sNed, Homer and I are a little concerned with the way the school's being run.
2.54sYes, deeply concerned.
3.04sWell, I may go a little bit easy on the old hickory dickory stick,
4sbut that's just because my dad was so hard on me when I was a boy.
4.37sOh, man! Ned spilled ink all over my poems!
3.37sHe's a real flat tire. I mean a cube, man.
2.94sHe's putting us on the train to Squaresville, Mona.
7.34sI met a woman in Paris, France Had a big hole in her underpants Wait, wait, wait, wait. Where did you pick up that filth?
2.69sWe heard Sergeant Clark's company singing it, sir.
2.32sYes, well, there will be no smut in my company.
2.29sYou're in this man's army to learn.
2.27sI don't know but I've been told
2.1sThe Parthenon is mighty old