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1.53sPeter, this is Quagmire.
2.6sNow, I want you to listen very carefully and do exactly as I tell you.
4.44sTake a firm hold of the throttle and pull the red mixture knob out slowly.
1.67sPETER: Okay.
3.6sAll right, now do you see a button that looks like a drunken gay guy eyeing you from across the bar?
2.47sUm... Uh...
3.1sYeah, I see it. QUAGMIRE: All right, press the button right above it.
2.3sSome new developments in the Flight 209 drama.
4.7sRecently discharged pilot Captain Glenn Quagmire is apparently talking the plane down.
1.8sOllie Williams has the story. Ollie?
1.3sI'm at the wrong airport.
1.47sOops! Well, thanks Ollie.
2.84sComing up, why calling every Asian man you meet "Chung King"
2.74scan land an anchorman in hot water. After this.
2.24sQUAGMIRE: All right, Peter, slide the red knob all the way out.
3.34sAnd the second those wheels touch the ground, you hit the emergency brake.