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2.99sthe foppish follicles pioneered by Ambrose Burnside,
2.67sAppomattox, 1865.
3.24sHis wild, untamed facial hair...
3.8srevealed a new world of rebellion, of change--
3.37sa world where doors were open for women like me.
1.94sBut Abe was stuck in his button-down...
2.5sPlastic Fantastic Madison Avenue scene.
3.05sLook at them sideburns! He looks like a girl.
3.87sNow, johnny Unitas-- there's a haircut you could set your watch to.
4.05sSo, Mother Simpson, where did your newfound sense of irresponsibility take you?
3.22sI soon found people who shared my views at the state college.
3.34sAnthrax, gangrene, swimmer's ear.
3.27sGet your germ lab out of here!
2.74sNow! Now! How could I not become a radical...
2.3swhen we were fighting a force of pure evil?
3.87sHey, hey, Mr. Burns! Enough already with the germs.