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2.2sThere. Now no one should be able to hear us.
3.14sWhat? All right. We don't need the dryer.
2.74sWhat? just shut up and listen!
1.94sThere's something fishy about Grandma.
3.47sWhenever we ask her where she's been all this time, she changes the subject.
3.6sAnd just now when a police car drove by, she ran into the house.
1.63sYeah, I don't trust her either.
2.1sI was going through her purse. Look what I found.
2.7s"Mona Simpson. Mona Stevens.
2.5s"Martha Stewart. Penelope Olsen.
2.17sMuddy Mae Suggins?"
3.04sThese are the calling cards of a con artist.
3.42sWoo-hoo! I'm so glad to have my mom back.
2.74sI never realized how much I missed her.
0.45sShe's nice.
2.15sI just don't think you should get too excited...
2.4sabout the woman who abandoned you for 25 years.
1.7sYou could get hurt again.
2.54sFirst, it wasn't 25 years.
4.36sIt was 27 years. And second, she had a very good reason.