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2.42sDad, can I go to a rap concert? Tickets are $50.
1.27s- Go to hell. - Okay.
1.2sWhat if I pay for it myself?
1.03sFine. Go nuts.
1.53sI love you, Dad.
1.5sI love you, too, Jerry.
3.24sBaggy britches? Loose-laced gym shoes?
2.3sAre you going to a rap performance?
2.55sHell, yeah. I'm representin' at Murder 4 Life.
1.27sKnow what I'm sayin'?
1.05sAll too well.
2.48sRap music belongs in the rubbish bin.
4.54sIt encourages punching, boastfulness, and rudeness to hos!
3.35sStep off, Mom. Rap is the poetry of the streets.
4.52sWell, you are not going to any concert that promulgates stink talk.
2.47sBut Dad already said I could go.
1.03sOh, did he?
5.3sHomer, you tell your son a rap show is not a safe place for a 10-year-old.