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2.43sYou seem to have a way with women, a certain--
2.1show shall I put it--
1.93sanimal magnetisme.
1.77sHelp me, Simpson.
2sTell me your secret.
2.44sUh, Mr. Burns, in spite of what everybody thinks,
2.4sI'm no lover boy.
1.9sSimpson, I'm asking you nicely.
0.4sI don't really know, sir.
1.34sSimpson !
1.8sWell, I wine them, I...
2sdine them, bring them flowers,
1.93swrite them love poetry, sir.
1.93sOf course.
2.87sIt's simplicity itself.
2.1sI won't forget this, Simpson.
4.34sNow return to your work and tell no one of what transpired here.
0.4sAnybody home ?
3.54sHi, Daddy.
1.67sWelcome back, Dad.
0.4sHow's your mom ?
3.47sStill kind of ticked off.
1.93sYeah, Good luck, man.
2.34sOh, thanks boy.
2.53sHello, Marge.
2sIt's me, Homer.