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2.84sReverend Lovejoy, your wife confiscated this...
2.2sfrom one of the boys in the choir.
2.27sWhy this sheep has strayed from my own flock. His name's--
3.1sHomer Simpson, sir, a low-level employee...
0.3sin sector 7-G.
1.74sSimpson, huh ?
2.37sA family man ? Wife and three kids, sir.
4.3sI'd like to see our self-styled Valentino tomorrow morning, Smithers.
2.23sWhat are we laughing at ?
2.37sOne glazed and one Scratch-'n-Win, please.
2.57sYou look familiar, sir. Are you on the television or something ?
2.4sSorry, buddy. You got me confused with Fred Flintstone.
3.4sOh. Liberty Bell.
2.14sAnother Liberty Bell !
1.94sOne more and I'm a millionaire.
2.94sCome on, Liberty Bell, please, please, please.