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2.07sHeh. Hey.
1.7sOoh. Look out.
2.73sHow does he do it, Smithers ? He's a love machine, sir.
3.94sDa, da, da Way to go, Dad.
2.24sUh-oh. Wait a minute.
2.6sWait a minute. Stop the music.
4.04sQuiet, please. I have something to say. Quiet.
2sYou with the hair, down in front.
3.04sOh, no. He's sunk even lower.
2.94sI have something to say to all the sons out there.
2.84sTo all the boys, to all the men, to all of us.
1.9sIt's about women,
4.14sand how they are not mere objects with curves that make us crazy.
2.57sNo, they are our wives,