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1.37sYou know, this is awful timing,
5sbut I remembered part of the reason I came over was 'cause my cousin is looking for a job at the brewery.
2.1sI'll just put his resume under the door.
1.37sGive me another one, Horace.
1.78sAll right, but slow down, Peter.
4.04sOr else I'm gonna have to get that lady boss of yours to come in here and give you a good shoe to the gift bag.
1.4sYou know, keep you in line.
5.17s(ALL LAUGHING) I'm just kidding you, Peter. You'll find yourself a new job.
3.95sTV ANNOUNCER: We now return to Robert Mitchum in A Backhand for Sally.
1.95sYou're getting on that train with me.
2.4sI can't go with you. I just can't.
1.7sOkay, I'll go.
2.33sI said I'd go! Why'd you give me the back of your hand?
1.63sBecause I love you.
3.5sWow! I thought you had to be in the NBA to hit a girl in the face.
1.93sBut I guess anyone can.