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3.47sHi, Doctor, it's me, Michael Schiavo. How's my wife doing?
1.17sShe's a vegetable.
1.6sI hate vegetables.
3.37s(LAUGHING) Don't worry about her, Mr. Schiavo.
2.34sShe's being kept alive by medical science.
2.97sGee, look at all this stuff. How does it all work?
1.8sWell, I'll tell you.
6.54sThis one keeps her liver clean This one checks her pee How about this one over here?
2.67sOh, that's just the TV ALL: Ha! Ha! Ha!
2.15sThis one checks her heart rate
1.9sThis one checks her veins
4.02sAnd this dispenses gravy for her mashed-potato brains
1.37sOh, oh, oh
3.94sTerri Schiavo is kind of alive-oh
2.54sWhat a lively little bugger
2.62sMaybe we should just unplug her
3.75sTerri Schiavo is kind of alive-oh
3.8sThe most expensive plant you'll ever see
2.3sOh, my God, here comes Jared.