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1.1sYou almost done in there, Peter?
1.07sHang on, Lois.
1.57sStupid Ollie Williams broke my glasses.
1.47sI got to put in my contacts.
1.82sBy the way, the repair shop called.
1.77sThey said they can't fix your camera.
1.87sWell, that's just great, Lois. That's great.
3.04sAnd here I was going to use the money to take you to Cancun this winter.
1.4s"Cancun," Peter.
2.2sWhoa! Whoa! I don't like Ollie any more than you do,
1.93sbut we are a 21st-century family,
1.53sand I will not have that kind of talk here.
3.35s(TV CHATTERING) Griffin! Did you call the distributor about the...
1.47sWhat? What's the problem?
3.2sOkay, look, I know I was watching TV, but I'll stay late.
2.43sNo, that's not it, Griffin. There's...
2.23sThere's something different about you.
1.6sYou're not wearing glasses.
1.7sYeah, they got busted. I'm wearing contacts.
3.29sI can see your eyes and your eyelashes!
1.87sThey're beautiful!
1.82sWho cares? What gives?