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1.4sPETER: Stewie! Stewie, how's that oatmeal?
1.7sIs it true you're having an affair with that oatmeal?
2sWhat do you say about the rumors that you have a full diaper?
1.47sI'm just trying to eat here.
1.37sWhat did you do to your mother's vagina?
1.2sLeave me alone!
0.82sHow come your feet are so small?
1.62sIs it true you can't say "spaghetti"?
1.57sWhat about the rumors that you have cooties?
2.34sIs it true you doubled your weight in the last six months?
3.04s(SCREAMS) STEWIE: Daddy! Help me, Daddy!
1.8sPETER: I can't get involved 'cause of journalism.
1.53sTom! Tom Tucker! Tom!
1.17sThe news isn't funny.
1.54sIt's not supposed to be funny.
1.77sTom, who were you having dinner with in there? Was it a guy?
2.64sAre you gay? Someone said you were gay. It was me.
3sAre the rumors I'm making up true? Ignore me if you're gay.
1.33sMayor West, over here!
1.73sWhat hot spot are you going to this Friday night?