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3.75sTerri Schiavo is kind of alive-oh
3.8sThe most expensive plant you'll ever see
2.3sOh, my God, here comes Jared.
2.35sWow, he's in kindergarten.
1.6sHey, so you're the plug this year?
1.9sHey, Jared. Yeah, I'm the plug.
1.97sYeah, I was the plug three years in a row.
2.9sLike, I don't know that! Everybody knows that, Jared!
2.67sWell, listen, don't you try to be a Jared plug, all right?
2.97sYou just go out there, you be the best Stewie plug you can.
1.47sOh, I sure will, Jared.
1.2sHey, you got any Gummi Bears on you?
2.57sBe a lot cooler if you did.
1.84sYou know, they say, "Don't meet your heroes,"
1.07sbut they can eat my ass,
1.97sbecause that was awesome! I don't know.
4.5sDon't you think it's kind of weird that he's in kindergarten and he's still hanging around kids our age?
2.54sHey! We are very lucky.
1.57sOh! Here I go!
11.7sThere's only one solution It's in the Constitution We've got to pull the plug There he is! Quick, Peter, grab the video camera.