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1.03sWhat the...
2.37sAngela, what the hell are you doing trying to kill yourself?
2.47sWhy the hell did you pull me out of there?
1.97sYou should have just left me alone!
1.8sThat's how I'm gonna end up anyway.
1.5sWhat are you talking about?
3.04sI'm talking about the fact that I have nothing to live for.
1.29sSure, you do.
2.99sSomeday, a white man's gonna be elected President again.
3.69sGriffin, I haven't been with anyone in ten years.
3.29sAnd when you spurned my advances, it was a wake-up call.
2.3sNo one's ever gonna love me again.
1.53sWait a minute.
2.6sSo that's why you been acting like such a wacky ass around me?
2.5sIt's been so long since I've been with a man,
2.27sI don't even remember what it feels like.
1.97sI always imagined it felt very painful.