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2.17sWe agreed that every Sunday, we'd do something together.
1.5sOh, nothing. I was just clearing my throat.
1.53sGood. I thought you were going to say something.
1.48sBut, Lois, we already made plans.
1.53sYeah, I can't leave those guys alone.
2.57sLast time they hung out without me was a disaster.
3.89sAll right, movie night. I am so psyched for Reindeer Games!
1.93sWhat? I thought we were watching La Vie En Rose.
2.03sWhat do you mean? Reindeer Games is great!
3.04sEverything goes wrong on the one day it has to go right.
4sBut La Vie En Rose is a beautiful movie about the real-life tragedy of Edith Piaf.
1.53sUsually Peter would break the tie.
1.48s(SHOUTING) Well, Peter isn't here, is he?
1.4sBecause you were supposed to be watching him,
2.3sbut you were smoking marijuana and he drowned!
2.07sWhat? No. He's in a PTA meeting.
1.73sWhere the hell did you get that story?
2.54sI don't know! I just can't stand it when he's not here!
2.89sPeter, you've got every other night of the week to spend with your buddies.
2.53sThis is the one night we've set aside for our family.
1.6sIs that really too much to ask?
1.7s(SIGHS) I guess you're right.
1.57sCome on, Brian. Come upstairs.
2.15sI wanna show you a freckle on my sack that I'm concerned about.
1.67sIt has irregular edges.