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2.35sHey, maybe my name is on this collar.
1.83s"Cremate, don't bury."
2.12sOkay, that's a downer. You know what?
2.1sI'm gettin' a feeling about my name.
2.7sI think my name might be Shirt Pants.
2.03sShirt Pants? What kind of name is that?
1.3sI don't know. What's your name?
1.93sI kinda think it's Manly Walker.
1.3sWheeler? No, Walker.
1.47sWheeler? No, you're not hearing me right.
2.27sIt's Walker. It's probably Wheeler.
1.63sI sorta think my name is Earl.
3.6s(UPBEAT COUNTRY ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) What was that? I don't know.
1.64sApparently, I made some sort of reference.
1.65sHey, check it out. Looks like a bar.
1.57s(HUFFS) I could go for a stiff one.
1.47sI think they got a pill for that.
1.45sShirt Pants!
2.54sWho else but Shirt Pants?
2.23sHe's Shirt Pants, Shirt Pants
2.27sHe's tryin' to remember but he really can't
2.64sHe's Shirt Pants, Shirt Pants
1.97sAll I know for sure is I'm wearing a shirt and pants
6.57sMAN: A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird B-B-Bird, bird, bird B-bird's the word That's annoying.
3.2sWell, while we're all here, we might as well grab some beers.