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1.88sWhat the hell happened? Where is everybody?
3.54sYou don't suppose... You think we're the only people on Earth?
1.47sI don't know. I tell ya what.
1.87sI'm gonna open up this bag of Chex Party Mix.
2.03sIf people don't show up, then we're it.
1.23sYep, we're it.
2.25sAll right, look, we know we woke up in the hospital,
3.84sso maybe there was some kind of catastrophe that we were all spared.
2.1sOr maybe we were all in some kind of accident.
1.85sWell, that would explain why you're in a wheelchair.
1.74sYou must have gotten hurt worse than the rest of us.
3.07sYeah, I got hit so hard, it knocked my piss into a bag.
2.37sNone of this makes any sense. Where the hell is everybody?