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4.1sto demonstrate that you and Peter would never naturally associate with one another.
1.22sBut I was wrong.
2.87sIt appears you two have a genuine bond after all.
2.07sSo, we really were meant to be friends.
1.47sI guess you were, yes.
2.15sSo, are they gonna remember any of this?
1.33sNo, I'll wipe out their whole day.
1.7sIt'll be like it never happened.
2.87sWow. Hey, what's going on over there?
3.39sI wanted to see how three women would react in the same situation.
1.75sMEG: (SCREAMING) Stop it!
2.12sLOIS: Let go!
1.9sThey've only been in there for three minutes.
2.34sHaven't even tried to figure out each other's names yet.