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3.4sThese security tapes record everything at Planet Express,
2.7sincluding the ship, shower and urinals.
3.59sAnd yet, it still hasn't stopped the elusive bathroom burglar.
2.72sMaybe he's just trying to feed his family.
5.37sComputer, analyze tapes and extract personality profile of one Turanga Leela.
3.42sCOMPUTER: Analyzing. Analyzing. Checking my eBay bid.
2.85s(BUZZER SOUNDING) Damn it! Analysis complete.
2.45sHey, I was nuzzling that.
3.65sCOMPUTER: Attributes transferred. Shoe size 12. Et cetera.
2.27sBrace for emergency landing!
2.17sWhat? We survived the crash?
1.4sOh, Fry!
4.64sParty people in the house say... (GASPING) This is wonderful.
2.77sThe last thing I remember, I was dying in an explosion.
3.67sYet, here I am in the flesh, more alive than ever.
3.54sAlive? (CLEARING THROAT) You better tell her, Fry.