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1.27sHey, where's my shoes?
2.55s(ALL GASPING) Fry?
2.62sI'm sorry. I didn't realize I was already here.
2.07sWait, what's with all the Leelas?
1.3sTrust me, don't ask.
1.07sOkay, dork.
1.37sListen, I'm going to hit the urinal,
1.43smaybe talk about myself a little bit...
2.69sHang on. It's time to sort things out.
4.17sThe truth is, I love Fry. That Fry.
2.62sAnd I love Leela. Any Leela.
1.89sWe're robots, and we're in love.
1.73sLet's ditch these meat jackets.
1.57sWhoa! Cool!
3.02s(IMITATING TERMINATOR) Hasta la vista, wiener.
2.4s(IMITATING TERMINATOR) We'll be back, for our stuff.
1.63sWhy did their voices change?
4.4sThat's the one thing we'll never truly understand.
3.72sUh, this is a bit awkward. Or is it?
3.87sI'm not sure. I lost track around the second robot.
3.94sWell, you know how I feel. I waited for you for 1,000 years,