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3.9sHe's as rich and wicked as I, but he seems to enjoy tax-exempt status.
2.7sActually, sir, with our creative bookkeeping...
2.33sand corporate loopholes, we only pay three dollars a year.
2.77sYou're right. We're getting screwed.
2.94sThere must be something I can do about this.
2.2sWait. Yes.
2.27sI think I know just the thing.
4.6sUh, sir? You have to tell me what your plan is, or-- or nothing will happen.
2sOh, yes. Of course. The plan.
3.27s- You see me as a god, right, Smithers? - Absolutely, sir.
0.43sYou'd kneel before me.
2.1sBoy, would I!
4.5sYes. Uh, then I'll form my own religion with its own symbol.
2.37sWe'll use this special "K."
2.3sI believe that's already a breakfast cereal, sir.
2s- And people worship it? - In a way.
2.74sAll right then. Uh, how about this?
2.54sUh, why don't you leave the symbol to me, sir?