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2.97sWhen you surrender yourself to the Movementarians,
4.4syou are guaranteed a perfect life of serenity, love and loving serenity.
3.84sNot a guarantee. Loving serenity. It's about damn time!
0.47sI love the Leader.
2.9sThe Leader is perfect.
2.47sWait. I'm confused about the movie.
3.94sSo the cops knew that Internal Affairs was setting them up?
2.6sWhat are you talking about? There's nothing like that in there.
3.9sYou see, when I get bored I make up my own movie. I have a very short attention span.
3.24sBut our point is very simple. You see, when-- Oh, look! A bird!
3.74sThe circle of judgment never fails to destroy their self-esteem.
2.2sThen he'll be ours to mold.
3.1sLet the judgment begin. I'll get the ball rolling.
2.87sYou're a fat idiot. Yeah! Lose some weight!