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2.73swell-known for its high levels of bliss.
2.9sI don't know about you, but they're not exactly winning me over...
1.94swith these lousy production values here.
2.03sI'm gonna slip out.
3.64sYou're free to leave whenever you want, but would you mind telling us why?
3sOh, I just didn't, uh-- I didn't think, um--
3.2sOh, it's-- it's pretty good.
5sMan, this whole place puffs of the wacky-tabbacky. I'm out of here.
2.17sGoing somewhere? Uh, though you're free to do so.
3.07sNo. Just rearranging my underwear. Ah. There it is.
2.97sWhen you surrender yourself to the Movementarians,
4.4syou are guaranteed a perfect life of serenity, love and loving serenity.
3.84sNot a guarantee. Loving serenity. It's about damn time!
0.47sI love the Leader.
2.9sThe Leader is perfect.
2.47sWait. I'm confused about the movie.
3.94sSo the cops knew that Internal Affairs was setting them up?