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3.65s(BEEPING ACCELERATING) The machines, they're after me.
2.34sYou're suffering from machine phobia.
2.57sYour only hope is to go to the Amish Home World,
1.84swhere no machines are allowed.
2.6s(SIGHS) I guess it's for the best.
1.27sBENDER: Whoo...
3.32sThe only machine I'll ever miss is Bender.
1.32sSay what?
4.42sNow that he's gone, I realize how valuable a robot life can be,
2.03swhen it belongs to my best friend.
2.42sThat's the closest thing to "Bender is great"
4.64sthat anyone besides me has ever said.
3.87sANNOUNCER: Final boarding call for Flight 38 to the Amish Home World.
4.87sAs a reminder, passengers are limited to two carry-on butter churns.
3.67sI'm sorry, Fry, I'm sorry. Wait for your ghost-buddy.