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2.5sAn infinite loop? I don't have time for that!
2.05sMan, this is all Fry's fault.
3.6sFry? I hate that guy. We once traded hands.
2.58sThey still stink of candy corn.
4.24sGet this. That jerk said human life was more valuable than robot life.
3.14sWhat? After all you've done for him?
1.9sFry must die!
3.75sI know, right? I'd murder him good, if only I was still alive.
3.18sBender, would you like to make a deal?
1.32sI'm not stupid.
1.67sSo, yes, absolutely.
1.33sWhat have I agreed to?
8.06sI'll return you to your body after you use your ghostly powers to scare Fry to death.
4.3s(LAUGHING MANIACALLY) That sounds fair and also fun.