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1.2sI don't know. Fry?
5.05sLadies and gentlemen, I'm proud to associate myself with a true hero.
6.37s(CROWD CHEERING) Mr. Fry, allow me to present you with the keys to the city!
3.07sThis one's for the deadbolt, this is for the top lock.
1.63sI think this one's for the knob.
1.6sThe city's in a bad neighborhood.
1.47sCare to say a few words, son?
3.79sHeroes don't do drugs. Except for Drugman, I guess.
4.55s(CHEERING) I hereby declare that henceforth,
4.1sthis Saturday shall be known as Fry-Day!
3.72sIt sure was nice of the mayor's wife to have sex with me. Uh?
2.2sYou. What?
3.1sYou could have saved a robot, but instead, you saved a human.
3.17sDo you think human life is more precious than robot life?
1.7sNo, no.