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3.35s(TORMENTED SCREAMING) You still lose, Bender.
3.77sYou failed to kill Fry, so you're banished to hell.
4.92sI get a new body, and you get to be a translucent chump till the end of time.
4.17sBig deal. I saved my friend. As far as I'm concerned, I won.
1.82sOh, really?
9.66sYou may find your victory Pyrrhic when subjected to this lyric For a trillion years or so Yeah.
1.43sHey, where are you going?
1.54sI don't know and I don't care.
2.87sYay, I'm back. Wait, this is my stop.
1.32sOh. This guy.
3.64sBender, for your selfless act in saving Fry,
3.54sI am pleased to welcome you to Robot Heaven.
1.68sShut up, God! Beg pardon?