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2.92sFry, Fry, look out for that bowling barn.
2.38sBender, is that thou?
3.5sI love you.
1.25sGIRL: Oh, my God.
1.92s- Did you see that? - Are you okay?
1.6sWhat just happened?
6.36sUh. Well, I think the Robot Devil said he loved me in Bender's voice wearing Granny Hester's clothes.
2.13sI want to go home.
3.35s(TORMENTED SCREAMING) You still lose, Bender.
3.77sYou failed to kill Fry, so you're banished to hell.
4.92sI get a new body, and you get to be a translucent chump till the end of time.
4.17sBig deal. I saved my friend. As far as I'm concerned, I won.
1.82sOh, really?
9.66sYou may find your victory Pyrrhic when subjected to this lyric For a trillion years or so Yeah.