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1.47sAh, right, you can't hear me.
2.8sOh, I hear you loud and clear.
1.84s(GASPS) You're not Granny Hester.
1.77sWhat have you done with Granny Hester?
2sShe's naked but unharmed.
3.92sAnd now, Bender, it's time to fulfill your end of the deal.
2.08sSorry, I'm not going to kill Fry.
2.1sTake me to hell for all eternity,
3.32sjust as long as my little bearded meat bag gets to live.
5.07sThat he will not, for you see, it is your fate to kill him.
6.86s(LAUGHING MANIACALLY) Says you. I would never kill Fry, not even to save my own life.
5.06sBut, Bender, isn't a robot life worth ever so much more than a human life?
2.6sOf course not. What idiot thinks that?
5.02sYou. (GASPS) You're using my own words against me. Go to hell!
3.74s(MOOING) Soon enough, but first, the killing.
4.4sHave you noticed that animals are sometimes spooked by robot ghosts?