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2sHere's your ticket. Pick that up!
1.6sChris, why are you acting like this?
5.4sPick that up and cook it into something delicious or knit it into something that's useful to me!
1.7sAre you ready to make out now?
3.27sWhy in the world would I want to do that after what you just said?
2.14sYou're obviously not the person I thought you were!
1.53sI never want to see you again!
2.57sI can't believe I thought you were special!
4.3sAnna, wait! Oh, no! What did I do?
2.27sHey, Chris! Guess what we just did! Bonnie, tell him.
1.67sWe had sex. We had sex!
2.14sWe had what Joe calls sex.
1.73sChris, honey, what's wrong?
1.43sAnna took a dump on me.
2.14sYeah, she broke up with me.
3.57sOh, she dumped you. That's what you meant to say.
1.1sWhat's the difference?
2.57sWell, what you said first was...