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3.87sYou, a man, are cleaning up a mess made by Anna, a woman,
3.64sthat she, also a woman, spilled on you, a man.
1.87sYou're treating her like a human being.
2.74sIf you want to get anywhere with a chick, you can't treat them too nice-like.
1.4sReally? Trust me, Chris.
2.7sThe next time you see this girl, treat her like crap,
4.4sand you'll be cooler than a mid-'80s novelty answering machine message.
2sMAN: (RAPPING) I'm glad you called, but I'm not home
1.67sBut I'll be back before too long
8.17sYou got to wait for the beep You got to leave your name You got to leave your number Wait for the beep (BEEPS) PETER: It's me again. I just had to hear it one more time.
1.83sChris, is everything okay?
2.8sYou seem a little, I don't know, quiet tonight.
1.77sYeah, everything's fine.