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5.07sI've screwed up worse than Disney did when they cast Michael J. Fox in that Zorro remake.
2.3sWho was that masked man who saved us?
2.37sI don't know, but he left his insignia.
3.07sGive it to me straight, Dr. Jewish. Is he gonna live?
2.34sMr. Griffin, I'm afraid your parrot is dead.
1.87sDid he at least die with dignity?
3sWell, he convulsed a lot and fell off the operating table.
2.2sThen he flopped around a little on the floor,
5.14sthen a passing nurse accidentally stepped on him and kicked him into a puddle of urine, which must've frightened him,
2.43sbecause his bowels released all over himself.
3.94sI tried to pick him up, but then I got angry because some of it got on my thumb,
2.7sso I threw him against the wall and that's where he died.
2.2sThat's the way I want to go.