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1.2swe could just do that.
1.7sShut up, Stewie.
2.87sMom, can we go back to the vet and see the pretty vet assistant again?
2.5sWell, I guess if Brian gets sick again.
4.17sOh, boy! Hey, Brian, look! Brian's sick. Mom, get your keys!
1.8sChris, I'm not going to the vet.
2.1s(EXCLAIMS) There's me wench!
1.63sPeter, what the hell are you doing?
3sThat's Long John Peter to you, porthole.
5.47s(ALL LAUGHING) Fetch me five tankards of ale and a leg of mutton for me maties!
1.3sWho the hell are those guys?
2.87sJust a few sea dogs from my fishing boat days.
2.5sI don't care who they are, they stink! Get them out of here!
2.13sThey stink of good cheer, Lois!
2.2sAfter we've had our fill of bread and wine,
3.67swe shall tell tales of other times we had our fill of bread and wine.
4.6sGod, this is a more disturbing sight than Tom Hanks and E.T. in Philadelphia.
2.24s(BEEPING) There you go, you're good.