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1.73sAfter that...
1.87sOver the next 90 minutes,
3.77sI'd like to show you that all your problems can be solved by my penis.
2.47sHey, guys, what is going on?
1.5sNo way! Cool!
1.33sThat thing don't bite, do it?
2.4sGuys, say hello to Adrien Beaky.
1.93sPick a lane, bitch.
2.24s(LAUGHS) Isn't that funny? He heard me say that on the way over in the car.
3.04sI got to pee. Where's that Snapple bottle?
2.87sI had a gay experience at camp.
3.24sWe... We had the radio on and they were talking about some goofy stuff.
1.9sSo, what are you... What are you guys drinking?
2.77sHey, Peter, you kind of look like a pirate with that thing on your shoulder.
1.63sA pirate? Oh, cool!