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2.47sIt's all brand new
3.8sYou'll feel it in my kiss
2.1sI'm crazy for you
3.74sALL: Bah
1.5sCrazy for you
3.87sMAN ON TV: We now return to Busy Business Lady Whose Life Is Missing Something,
2.7sBut She Doesn't Realize It Because She's So Busy With Business.
1.83sNo, no, I cannot make that business meeting.
1.9sI've got a different business meeting at 3:00,
1.57sand will be doing business there.
1.53sI was wondering if you're free for coffee.
1.67sOh, no, I can't!
1.87sI've got a lunch meeting, and then a meeting after lunch.
1.73sAfter that...
1.87sOver the next 90 minutes,
3.77sI'd like to show you that all your problems can be solved by my penis.
2.47sHey, guys, what is going on?
1.5sNo way! Cool!