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1.7sLOIS: Peter Griffin!
1.03sAll right, Chris, have a seat.
1.4sYour date will be here any minute.
4.34sIn fact, I think she'll be coming through that door.
3.04s(IMITATING WOMAN'S VOICE) Hey, Chris. I'm Betty. Sorry I'm late.
1.8sYour dad told me all about you.
1.93sYou sound like a swell fella.
2.54sThanks. So where are you from?
1.6sI'm from the rich part of town,
1.53sso you know I'm a good egg.
1.87sBut I'm more interested in you.
1.3sDid you finish your homework today?
2.27sYou know, your dad's got a birthday coming up.
2.44sHave you given any thought to what you might be getting him?
2.4sHow do you know when my dad's birthday is?
1.77sWell, that... It doesn't matter.
2.14sWhat are you getting your dad for his birthday?
1.77sI don't know. A tie.
3.04sI don't know if he would want one of those.
1.67sI think he's got enough ties.
1.53sI think he might...
1.57s(NORMAL VOICE) Chris, I don't want a tie! Pick something else!