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1.5sBrenda just fell.
3.24sGet your lazy ass up and get my neighbors some beers!
1.7sActually, we don't have time, Jeff.
3.44sWe were just about to go on our annual midnight hunting trip.
1.77sWe thought you might want to join us.
1.22sYeah, what the hell?
1.17sGo shoot some animals,
1.27sthat sounds like fun.
2.77sHey, it beats sitting at home watching Meg pop her zits.
1.52sOkay, okay, who would you rather do?
3.1sDame Judi Dench with 30 minutes of kissing first,
3.24sor Eddie Izzard in drag, but he has a working vagina?
1.93sWould Eddie Izzard tell others about it?
1.6sEddie Izzard is very discreet.
1.18sThen that's your answer.
1.9sYou know, Quagmire, I gotta say,
2.49sI was pretty surprised you wanted me to come along.