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1.94sMaybe, maybe, "Slappy"?
1.97sOr, or "Bruisey"?
1.9sOr "Keep It Down In Theresy"?
1.73sGuys, what the hell am I gonna do?
1.75sShe can't marry that bastard.
2.9sHe's just gonna keep beatin' her, and then he's gonna beat the kid, too.
2.14sGod, I wish she'd never met Jeffrey Fecalman.
1.77sYou know, I was thinking... Wait, what?
1.72sWhat? That's his name?
1.7s- Yeah. - Huh-larious.
2.07sBut you know, I was thinking this afternoon,
3.22swhat the hell happened to the days when a guy does something like that to a girl,
4.39sand a bunch of us guys get together and just go kick his fucking ass?
2.32sBoy, that'd be satisfying.
1.44sWhy not? What do you mean?
1.4sThe three of us.
2.85sWe go over there and we do what's right, we kill the bastard.
1.38sWhoa! Whoa! Quagmire.
2.1sYou know, I could arrest you just for saying that.